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I specialize in private guitar and bass instruction in Woodland Park, Colorado.  I also do live video lessons (Zoom) anywhere in the the world  for all ages and levels.  I am originally from Austin, Texas and grew up loving music at a very young age.  I started playing guitar at age 12 and took lessons for about 5 years at Reitz Music in Austin, TX.  I had two great guitar teachers who helped me become a great guitar player. I love to teach and inspire guitarists who have the passion to want to learn how to play the guitar. My joy is teaching, inspiring, and sharing my passion for playing the guitar. 

If you are just a beginner or an advanced student I can help you improve your guitar skills.  I teach all styles on guitar from Blues, Rock, Country, Pop, Reggae, R&B, Top 40, folk, bluegrass, etc.  I teach children and adults and teach acoustic guitar or electric. I really stress the importance of  rhythm and  technique.  I teach songs right away so a student can appreciate the enjoyment that comes from learning songs.  I also teach scales, soloing, lead playing, finger picking, plucking, improvising, ear training, and  much more.

I can help with live performance too!  I am a professional musician  and singer who tours and performs all over Colorado.  I have over 30 years of guitar experience. I also teach bass guitar and have extensive knowledge of music. I play piano, bass, and drums and can help students understand the role each instrument plays in a band.  So if you are fired up about learning the guitar then contact me:  719-291-1081.
I'm located downtown Woodland Park, CO 80863.
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